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Financial Goals & Strategies of Life Health and P&C Clients

Life/Health and Property and Casualty agencies advise their clients and provide analysis for property, business and auto risks. Insurance agents and brokers provide financial expertise in Life/Health and P & C field to their clients. Agents will learn different programs and products concerning Life/Health and P & C and Life Insurance and Variable Annuities.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Become familiar with the Insurance contract

  • Understand the difference between P & C Insurance contract and Life Insurance contract

  • Comprehend different Annuities and Variable Life Insurance contracts

  • Evaluate financial goals of P & C clients

  • Introduce various Pension plans for clients

  • Create an investment plan and manage investment risks

Course Information
Approval Number: NYCR-213634
Approved Credits: 8.00
Price: $95.00

Who is eligible for Credit for this Approved Course?

  • LA (Life/Accident and Health Agents)

  • C1 (Life Consultants)

  • LB (Life/Accident and Health Brokers)

  • BR (Brokers)

  • C3 (General Consultants)

  • PC (Property/Casualty Agents)

  • PA (Public Adjuster)


Please call: (718) 621-7000

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